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Pool Party
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Pool Party  -
"Wet and Wild Splash-In"

One of the first remotes by WGSF -TV with the  RCA TJ-48 Television Van, since purchase from KCPX TV.
Photos by Livingston.

Pool Party
Bird feeders  
Note that the "KCPX" call letters and number "4" are faintly visible.
Getting a shot of the tital card: "Wet and Wild! Splash In"
The camera operator views the "shot" image in the viewfinder, equipped with an adjustable hood.

The Band
provides musical entertainment.

The knob near the camera operator's hand focuses the image by moving the image pickup tube assembly
inside the camera.

Winter Contrast  

The cameras had "blowers" (black object) attached to help keep the cameras from overheating.    
Floor Director
The Floor Director" received  instructions from the "Director" in the truck, and used hand signals to "Cue" the talent.

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Pool Party
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