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Robert McDaniel

04/09/08 | by admin

Robert McDaniel taught the Summer School Television course at WGSF for several years.

A veteran of World War II, Robert served with the 4th Army as an infantry sergeant, then in the Morale Division (USO), writing and directing shows that toured many service bases.

Robert graduated from Denison University, where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. He received his M.A. in rhetoric from The Ohio State University. A master of the classics, he taught at all educational levels in Licking County, including Granville and COTC.

Several of his students at Granville High School came to WGSF.

He delighted in British phrases and names, such as, "Pop the bonnet and check the petrol." To make a phone call was to "ring up" someone. He claimed to be proficient in several languages, but most of us were at a loss to check, as we had enough trouble understanding the "British," let alone Greek and Hebrew.

Contributed by:
Leland Hubbell

Daniel Black [Visitor]

Mr. McDaniel several times demonstrated his skill at divining a person's geographical origins from their speech.
As I remember it he could do a pretty good job of narrowing it down to part of a state, depending upon how big the state is, by asking a few questions and listening to dialect and accent.
04/09/08 @ 21:43

Lu Ann Stoia [Visitor]

Hello friends,
I still have to call him "Mr." McDaniel. He was
an awesome teacher, mentor, story teller, and
friend. McDaniel had a joke and an inspirational
quote on the blackboard every day! He and Leland
Hubbell were my biggest cheerleaders, no skirts or pom poms :) in the
broadcasting business, and always made sure to encourage me and other kids to follow our
dreams. God Bless you Robert and family.
Lu Ann Stoia
  04/10/08 @ 11:21

Tad McConnell [Visitor]
Wow, I remember Mr McDaniel too, I had the honor to be a student of his in summer school. He made everything interesting and his humor made us all laugh. I remember he taught me the phrase on where to spend a penny? I never forgot that. He also challenged us in learning too. He was a great guy.
04/14/08 @ 09:24

Mitch Morrison [Visitor] 
Mr. McDaniel was one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure to study under. One of our assignments was to write, shoot and edit a tv commercial. It was my first attempt at what would become a liftime of work. The last time I saw him was at the station in the early 70's. It seems like just yesterday. He will be missed.
  04/16/08 @ 08:54

Tim Schwarm [Visitor]
Mr. McDaniel was a legend at Granville High School in our TV Production Classes. It was a sad day when I heard of his passing. He was always engaging and always had a Gaelic word on the chalkboard to learn. I can see him and "Raul the Owl", his constant companion, riding off in the sunset together in a Rambler. God Bless him and his family.
04/16/08 @ 12:34

Tara Cochran [Visitor]
Mr. Mc Daniel was one of my teachers at the summer school session in 1968. He was a hoot! I'll always remember him demonstrating the floor directors Hand Signals for a test. This class was a lot of fun and a very interesting way to spend a few summer mornings, walking up that Horns Hill for class. It was years later that I realized just how special this opportunity was for a high school Sophomore. I'm very sorry to hear of Mr' Mc Daniels passing.
04/16/08 @ 13:59

Elizabeth Burdick-Romero [Visitor]
At GHS we had the pleasure of being instructed by Mr. McDaniel in Medieval Lit. He was a most amazing man. Remember the "Examintion Eagle" I, for one, got "BEAKED"! Too often, following the announcement that the EE had been seen on the radar flying over Wright Patterson after sharpening his beak on his grinding wheel, I would give my usual effort on the quiz only to have it returned with the inscription: "BEAKED YA!" I distinctly recall my joy when the message at the top of the blackboard read: "Raul the Owl says: It's not school that's so bad - it's the principal of the thing!" There was another "Raul the Owl says:" that involved a "ball and chain." Does anybody remember that one? Tim may imagine him riding off into the sunset with Raul, but good heavens, let's not forget Hortense and the Owllets! As best I recall, Mr. McDaniel lore says that he spoke seven languages. He was a truly engaging teacher. We loved him. He brought learning to life for us. I have, and will always remember him fondly.
  04/18/08 @ 12:07