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"Summer Festival" at WGSF Television

Festival 1

WGSF was blessed with creative and energetic people!
When the City of Newark adopted the name "Land of Legend" and proposed to hold a "Land of Legend Festival," the WGSF Student Staffers wanted to be part of the activities, and to conduct live broadcasts and an entertainment program with bands and performers, games and skits, in front of an audience.

There were just a 'few' obstacles to overcome, though.
Festival 2
Festival 3
The WGSF studio was too small to accommodate such a project, for one thing, and the TV camera cables were not long enough to reach outside - where we had the top of Horn's Hill for space.

(This was before we obtained the mobile TV production truck.)

No problem: A couple of students contacted Columbus television stations, and a station -WCMH Channel 4 - agreed to loan WGSF some cables.
We scrounged around an came up with enough mikes, cables, and lighting equipment.
Festival 4

We found out that WGSF could not use the "Land of Legend" name, but that was quickly resolved by adopting

Summer Festival

as the name for the project.
Festival Band
Bill Clifford talks to "Granny" - aka John Clark. Co-host Susan Edwards on the right.

Band getting ready to play a number.
The photos show the stage and area at the north end of the WGSF building. We borrowed chairs from the School's "White Field". and were delighted that people really did drive up Horn's Hill for the broadcasts. One of the popular activities was a watermelon eating contest. Co-hosts shown are Bill Clifford and Susan Edwards.
"Granny" was played by John Clark.

Rock bands and soloists were on the agenda, as was a local fiddler and his group - Kenny Sidle.

And all of this took place 200 some feet in elevation above the city of Newark.

The shows required a lot of work, but we had willing workers, setting up all of the equipment, airing the shows, and stowing everything back inside each day. One afternoon was memorable as we watched a dark cloud move our way from the west. Wow! Did that crew scurry, but everything was safe inside before the storm broke over the hilltop.

Later shows were held in downtown Newark on the Licking County Courthouse lawn, using the mobile truck and micro-waving the signal back to the tower at the WGSF station. Another was held at a local park.

There were a number of memorable 'incidents' connected with the broadcasts, but the most remarkable was the enthusiasm of this group of young people and their support group.

Hopefully, some of those people will add their memories to this history.