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Television Cameras
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Cameras Used at WGSF Television
1963 to 1976


Borrowed camera

    Most of the television camera equipment used at
WGSF were 'hand-me-downs' and 'loaners.'
The first camera that I know of is the one pictured
in the 1963 photos, probably a videcon type,
loaned from WCET in Toledo, OH.
It was apparently used for the first broadcasts, in 1963,
 and for showing the station ID for some time after that.
 The first locally originated broadcasts used the single
 television camera and a microphone in the studio.
    Iconoscope Camera

  An obsolete film chain camera, an RCA TK-20 iconoscope tube camera, was obtained from the
 National Educational Television Center in Ann Arbor, MI, and utilized throughout the rest of the
 active years of WGSF.
    The first projector shown in this photo was from 1963-64, was from Lincoln Jr. High, one of the old Audio/Visual types -
a combination slide/film strip - once used in the classroom. That was replaced by a standard Kodak Carousel 35 mm projector,
with a "change" button connected to the remote control receptacle located at the transmitter control panel.
      WGSF went through several of these projectors over the years, as the slide projector was used on
every station break and got a lot of use.
  Another TV Camera made a brief appearance at WGSF,
but was never used on-air. Leland Hubbell built a  videcon
 camera from plans published in Radio Electronics magazine,
 and demonstrated "See Yourself on TV" with it, hooked
 into a TV set up as a monitor. The video pulses were not
broadcast standard, but at least it was a television camera.
 It was used in the Ham/amateur radio station of K8MZH,
on the Amateur television band, where the pulses were not a problem.
  Leland Hubbell - Site Administrator
  Leland Hubbell
        WGSF - 1964 - 1976
        Newark School District TV Center - 1976 - 1995
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Television Cameras
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