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Brede, Nanette Soph NHS

Buehler, Robert Soph. NHS

Daves, Bev Sr. NHS

Dete, Rosemarie Soph. N. Cath.

Edwards, Dennis Sr NHS

Forrer, Doug NHS

Fry, Robert Sr. NHS
Gebhart, Marian		Jr.	N. Cath.

Glaser, Kristin Sr. NHS

Glass, Mindy Sr. NHS

Gordon, Ginny Jr. N. Cath.

Haluczk, Christi		NHS

More, Anita Sr. NHS

Padar, Linda Heath

Reef, Diane Soph. N. Cath.

Rhinebarger, Rick Soph. NHS

Shonebarger, Beth Jr. N. Cath.

Trethewey, Bethann Sr. NHS

West, Sharon Jr. N. Cath

Whiting, Richard Heath

Wilson, Larry Sr. NHS

Womeldorph, Nancy Jr. N. Cath.

Tour WBNS-TV  
Waling in  

      The lessons were enhanced with tours of Columbus television stations. WBNS-TV, Channel 10, was the home of the popular "Flippo the Clown."
     One class got to meet and talk with "Lucy"of "Lucy's Toyshop."

     Tours also visited the ETV station, WOSU-TV Channel 34, the source of programs aired on WGSF.
Tour studio
A "set" for a show in the TV Studio.
Leland Hubbell had worked at WBNS-TV, Channel 10, for six
years prior to moving to WGSF-TV, .
The Teachers also toured a 'working' television             >>
operation at the Newark Air Force Base. The workers at the Base received training films and tapes via their closed circuit system.
     Some of the employees volunteered at WGSF as a comunity
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Students at WGSF
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